Saturday, June 4, 2011


I hate feeling like my dreams and goals are sidelined.
It's not intentional, I know, but I can't move forward with them until step one is out of the way...and we've been working toward that for over a year now with no progress, so I don't see any of my other dreams getting closer.

For ten months of it I was fine because I had something to happily look forward to upon awakening each day...a job I genuinely enjoyed, surrounded by great coworkers who quickly became friends. For those few months, I would have actually been SAD to leave, because for once things were amazing.

And then that had to come to an end, as all great things do. And now, it's a job I dread. Yes, I have family here, but some of them are extremely critical, which you know I can't stand. Yes, I have friends here, but they come and least I'm making more.

I just need things to speed up. So I can get to my dreams. переводчица. жена. фотографа.