Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today I woke up in the wrong city. The bed was warm, comfortable, safe, my own. The placement was all wrong. It was in a familiar room, but not the one I wanted.

Breakfast, although tasty, was made up of items far too familiar. Nothing new. Nothing exotic. Nothing craved.

The first signs of society I glimpsed further emphasized this feeling that something was off. I knew these people well. Maybe that was the problem. Maybe I needed to be surrounded by strangers, people whom I did not know and whom I could not understand. These people all spoke the same language—my language. Where was the challenge in that?

The familiar road led me to a well-known little building where I would pass my day. Work, but not of the variety I needed… no intelligence or thought required. Simply press the buttons, pick up the receiver, hold robotic conversations with the masses. Repeat. All. Day. Long.

The later hours, although filled with the sort of people referred to as friends, were not as stimulating as I hoped. Wonderful, familiar faces. Activities to keep me busy and allow socialization. And yet, I could picture where I would like to be spending my evenings. And although wonderful, these people did not share my dreams. Half of them were content simply being here…not expanding knowledge, not exploring new horizons. But how inspiring can such company be?

Today I awoke in a land not my own. A stranger in my own town. Maybe one day I’ll be in my true home.

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