Saturday, September 17, 2011


> I don't want this one to be the same. It's not fair to the others already. I hope you've learned.
> You'll never know how close it came to self-destruct mode.
> I can't watch this. You still have time to fix things.
> Finally, I'm immune to your charms. Let's make this the strongest friendship possible.
> If priorities were shifted to a different order, you would be the one.
> Stop lying about the intentions behind your actions, and stop expecting things that will never happen. I will not talk to you about the things I need to talk about with a stranger around.
> We do not see enough of each other. I've known you the longest out of that group, and I see you the least.
> Maybe one day a sense of finality will be achieved.
> How things are with you are wonderful. I'm glad we've reached this point, and you're one of the smartest girls I know by far. Keep reaching for the stars.

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