Saturday, July 14, 2012


As a heads up, I may be distracted from updating this as much as I would like to for the next little while. I'm finally motivated and making huge steps in the direction of setting up my photography business--officially.

The largest most daunting task for me is the bulk of stuff necessary to legally have it set up and running. Plus before officially launching in the professional realm and charging money, I wanted to have a strong presence set up online so that everything looks nice if anyone contacts me.

I'm not releasing any details yet, but everything is definitely falling into place beautifully. In fact it's starting to look as if it is actually the perfect timing ... in addition to all of the preparation that has been going on behind the scenes over here, I've also been arranging with some people for portfolio building shoots, and have been accidentally falling into great networking opportunities.

Now I just have to keep from getting too overwhelmed. One step at a time. Then another. Then another. I've made enormous project in the last few weeks alone, and my goal is to have everything finished (online) before the middle of September.

Any input from people with online marketing/design/web-building experience, feel free to leave tips!

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