Friday, March 29, 2013

Tidelands Park

I’ve written about Coronado before (post here), and I know I will end up writing about it again in the future.
All Photos by LunaDawnImages
Recently I decided to check out a section of the island previously unexplored by me: Tidelands Park (Official Information Here). Tidelands, which is located on the southeastern corner of Coronado, provides spectacular views of the San Diego Bay, city skyline, and even the bay bridge!

A great destination for springtime, the park features a playground, ball parks, and a small beach. For those seeking a beautiful view during their afternoon run, there is a trail winding along the edge of the water, too!

The park was fairly busy when I was there. Young people jogged past me on a quick run, children made friends on the playground equipment, and parents sat on benches relaxing and soaking up the sunlight.

What most caught my eye was the contrast between this park and Orange Avenue just a few blocks away. Coronado is known to be a great tourist destination (Travel Channel Article) and Orange Avenue, as the main shopping district on the island, is usually filled with people searching for souvenirs during the spring and summer months. This little park, however, was a manifestation of the calm and relaxing side of island life.  I will definitely be back in the near future to join those relaxing and soaking up the sunlight. 

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