Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Value of Nature

 For Easter I chose to spend my afternoon at Sunset Cliffs. If I could, I would encourage everyone to spend at least part of each holiday outdoors.

Photo from Ikenbot

Holidays are meant to be a break from the world and all the frantic activity it entails. The preferred method is to surround yourself by family (although admittedly that can drive you more insane depending on the family...) .

I firmly believe that the best method of "recharging" is to really take time away from everything--not just work, but society in general-- and unwind. Camping. Hiking. Simply going to sit outside and soak up nature.

Photo by LunaDawnImages

One of my personal favourite places for that is Sunset Cliffs. It's close by, so it doesn't have to be a day trip, but it is beautiful enough to consistently leave me feeling not only refreshed, but in awe.

It's so easy to get caught up with the madness of the world. Maybe we'd all be better off if we learned how to simply take a time out once in a while, and enjoy the world around us. 

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