Sunday, October 10, 2010

That's [Not] Funny!!!!

How do we develop a sense of humour? Why is one thing funny to some people, but not to others...and how are others still seemingly devoid of any sense of humour at all?


  1. That is an excellent question. Do we learn it from our parents/surroundings or do we develop it? I can see my sense of humor in my children, but can tell you I did not get it from my parents. They were both pretty serious all the time and I can find the humor in funerals. So yeah.. where did I get this dark morbid sense of humor? And why is it some people life their lifetimes with a stick up their ass?
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  2. Thanks so much for following me! It really means a lot to me :)

    As for how a sense of humour develops...I've noticed as well that it can't only be what is learned from our parents/friends/surroundings. I think it must be a mix, but at the same time part of it must be something we are just born with. I can think of people I know who are surrounded by friends and family who find great value in comedy, etc, and yet are serious all the time...Another issue entirely is different TYPES of a sense of humour. As you said, you can find the humour in funerals (which I can relate to, my sense of humour is also pretty dark)... but how are some people able to see that, while others draw a line somewhere along the way between things that are okay to find amusing and things that aren't..?