Sunday, October 3, 2010


Have you ever been homesick for somewhere you knew wasn't home? Wait, let me narrow that down a little bit more... not just somewhere you knew currently wasn't home, but that you knew would never be your home? I've been dealing with that a lot recently.

This past spring I traveled to South Africa and Namibia, and I connected with Namibia in a way that I never thought I would with any place. Seriously everything about that country was beautiful and perfect; the landscapes were all incredibly breathtaking, I fit in with everyone I met there, and it just felt like home in a way that Virginia never has. I've been to plenty of places in the United States, and South Africa was lovely, but Namibia was just different.

It has been strange because recently I keep finding myself longing to be back there--not to be with the people I know there, and not just from a simple wanderlust, but from some deeper need to be in that atmosphere...which is rough because I see no chance of me going back there any time in the next few years at least, and possibly not for ten or twenty years depending on how life goes...there are so many other places I want to see that I don't think I could justify trading a chance to see some place new for a location I've already been.

I'm fairly certain while I was there I found paradise.

Photos: Credit to LunaDawnImages

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