Sunday, July 24, 2011

Different Journeys, Different Paths

I've been experiencing a lot of hate and bringing people down lately. Not in my life, specifically, but in the lives of my friends. They have all been receiving more negativity and judgement than necessary from people who barely even know them.

Solution, after the jump...

What if we were to all just sit back for a moment when judging people, and rather than expressing our opinion immediately, to think of where they had been from as well as where they are going?

The people in your life right now are likely not going to be there forever. Sure, it's nice to think that we will always have our best friends close to us; however, most acquaintances and "friends" come and go throughout the years. It's nice to share a bit of your journey, but at the end of the day it's not really going to matter.

Because you're on your path....on your way to achieving whatever it is that you're setting out to get from this life....and they're on their own. Maybe what they're doing to achieve it isn't something you approve of. Maybe in your eyes they are not as talented or as smart or as athletic or WHATEVER as you would like them to be....but it's not your life, and in the end they're going to either achieve their goals or fall short, no matter whether you step in and criticize or not.

So why must people be so negative? Is it really all that hard to simply encourage those we meet along the way? I think so often people fall into the trap of jealousy that they can't consider how often they themselves need encouragement...and follow that thought through to realizing that maybe those around them are in need as well.

This isn't just some lame tolerance post, I promise. However, really, think about it. How often do you judge someone without getting to really know them? I know I'm guilty of it way more often than I would like to admit. In my own life I'm challenging myself to fix that, and I challenge you as well--whoever you are, reading this right now. Next time you find yourself about to judge someone, based on looks or attitude or their profession or their artwork, or anything else... step back for a moment and consider where they are coming from and where they are trying to go. Maybe they're dressed like that because it's all they have. Maybe if they have a bad attitude it's because they're trying to keep anyone else from being able to hurt them. Maybe you don't think the job  they have is something you can admire, but it's a stepping stone to something greater for them. Don't just judge. Genuinely care.

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