Friday, July 15, 2011

Right Leg

I've been thinking for a while about tattoos I want to get, and fitting tributes to people I know who have died [or will in the future] ... I think I've determined that up the outside of my right leg I want to gradually get a trail of stars. I'll probably start down at my ankle. The bigger the star, the closer the person was to me (family, etc) maybe since I don't want them all to be exactly the same size anyway.

I still need to work out some of the details, but I wouldn't be looking to start on that tomorrow anyway. Whenever I start, though, I have at least 3 family members to add stars on my leg for already. Plus, I would most likely include two smaller ones for  two kids who were my neighbours when I was little and were shot by their mom when I was 14. They had moved from my neighbourhood a few years before that, but we were close when they lived on my street, and the incident very deeply affected me.  They deserve a way to be remembered--a tribute of sorts--especially since their lives were cut so short at 17 and 11 (I believe) years.

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