Sunday, December 4, 2011

Behaviour Guidelines #1

If I were to run a country, things would be different. Starting now, I'm going to post something every once in a while that I'd do differently.

Today's rule, the first of [probably] many to come, is very simple. Accept the Past, Focus on the Future.

In America, so much focus is given to things that already happened and that can not be changed. So here's a new guideline for it. If people who have been wronged are still alive, deal with that and ask forgiveness for wrongs committed against them. If they aren't alive, it already happened, make goals to never let something similar happen again and work toward those.

I'm tired of hearing about "hey 30 generations back my family was wronged and I deserve to be recompensated." That's unfortunate, but almost everyone had a relative somewhere who was a slave or who was treated unfairly by someone in a position of power, if you trace your family history back far enough. None of that really has anything to do with people alive now.

Now if your family still has people alive who lived through something like that, you have a case. Aside from that, just drop it, focus on the future, and move on.

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