Thursday, December 8, 2011

Helpless, or waiting for a sign?

I've recently realized that quite often when I feel like nothing will change and that I'm stuck in an enormous rut, the problem isn't really that I'm surrounded by something as hopeless as I think. Quite often, I'm not helpless at all.

It's never an issue of not actually being able to find a way out; rather, it's an issue of needing a sign that one day this will be over. There's always a turning point, and for me that is quite often a sign that I could easily miss. I've found that especially when feeling the most down, I need to pay close attention to my circumstances, and make sure to not pass up any opportunities that could bring about change... Those circumstances are usually the ones that make everything take a huge uphill climb shortly afterward.

I had one of those moments shortly after Thanksgiving. It has been all uphill since then, and things are sorting themselves out wonderfully at the moment.
I finally feel like I'm back in a way that I haven't since, really, May 2009 or before. It's been a really long journey since then, and especially since May 2010 it's been really awful most of the time.
Things have finally turned.
So grateful. And feeling extremely productive, getting a ton of things done to head in this wonderful new direction in front of me.

Everything was put back in perspective recently, and it's wonderful. Everything isn't easy still, obviously, but it's looking up.

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