Sunday, October 23, 2011


This weekend isn't taking shape quite the way I would like it to. I've been fighting getting sick successfully for a while, but I think it finally has defeated me. My throat has been killing me the past three days, and I just feel all-around gross.

It's causing a few problems for my normal weekend schedule. I couldn't go out to Occupy Norfolk yesterday anyway because I had family stuff to do, but if I had been free I don't think I would have felt well enough to march two and a half miles while screaming chants. If my throat ALREADY hurts, I can't imagine what that would do to it.

Anyway, once the family commitments were over around 8, I went to my best friend's house for a movie night last night. I love nights like that. We don't get them very often anymore because of crazy schedules, and juggling too many different activities at a time.

All I want to do with my day is sit at home for once, and relax, and play sims 3 or watch movies or something.

But I'll probably end up out doing stuff all day. As usual.

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