Monday, October 10, 2011

Unrelated, and more personal

I couldn't include this with the other post because it is far off topic. But on a more personal level, here is what has been going on recently.

Things at work are still miserable, but I'm surviving. As I said, my schedule just got switched around suddenly...more hours. I don't mind because it will mean my paycheck looks a little better, but 10 more hours each week in a place that completely depresses me is not going to be good for my mental health.

On the bright side, I'm involved with Occupy Norfolk right now. It's incredibly encouraging and uplifting to be participating in something like this. If nothing else, pouring my extra time into helping out downtown will hopefully help days fly by more. Something to look forward to during the ten hour shifts, as well.

I've still been helping my friends out with open mic night on Sundays, which is fun. It's never extremely packed at the bar, but I'm still meeting new people every week, and some of them are slowly turning into pretty good friends.

If I had to graph everything out at the moment, it would all be a big page of + and - . Bad thing, good thing, bad thing, good thing. I think I'd be coming out just about even. No, I take that back, even with all of the awful things I have going on (stuff too personal to post about here), things aren't really that bad when put into perspective.

My challenge to myself for this week was to meet 3 or 4 new people. To push my comfort zone and force myself to not be shy long enough to get to know some people. I've already completed that, and it's only Monday night. Rather than being content that I completed my challenge or coming up with an entirely new one, I think I'm going to expand it: I'm going to see how many new people I can meet and get to know this week. Join me?

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