Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quattro Anni

The past few years so much has been going on. So many things have changed. Constantly.

Today is Oct 30th...Devil's Night. 2011.

Thinking back a year ago, 2010, things were different. I was first starting to get to know the people I spent most of my time with now. I was becoming more brave, less shy, more confident.

Two years ago, I was someone else's girl. Year 2009. Doing other things. With other people. Studying at school still.

Three years ago, 2008, today was the first day of getting involved in the local goth/industrial scene. First taste, to be quickly followed by more as the year progressed.

Four years ago. 2007. Senior year of high school. Halloween parties, etc. I don't see or even speak to any of those people anymore. They're all different. I am different. Nothing is the same from 2007 to now.

Let's see what the next 365 days bring, shall we?

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