Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It's a new year.. I hate to be the kind of person to do one of those ultra predictable posts ..."2011 was so horrible and rough but this new year is going to be awesome and all my dreams are magically going to come true"

And I don't make resolutions. Ever. Why wait for a new year to start improving your life? Especially when people make the same resolution every year... And consistently fail at it!

How about just for once no one does that? Instead let's just all live how we should be anyway. Love others. Work toward your goals. Learn something small every day. Volunteer some of your time or money to improve the world around you.

And, just as importantly, remember to show appreciation. Things are never as awful as you think they are. Be thankful for people around you. Be grateful for your circumstances, no matter how seemingly difficult.

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