Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm putting this post under a cut. It's really meant for one person only...

I need to know this is real and that it can work. I need to see us both trying to salvage and improve what we have been trying so hard to have for over the past few years. This isn't some high school fling. This is what I've been fully devoting myself to, the chance for a life with you.
In fact, I threw away the one time there has ever been something real prior to this, for a chance at us. You know that, and you fought for it. For all the fighting you did to establish something real and official here, it's not worth tossing away so carelessly.
Yes the past few months have been horrible...for both of us, not just in terms of a relationship, but involving stress outside that as well. Our priorities have shifted and become shadows of what they once were; but that doesn't mean something is beyond fixing. It means we both have to try. Why devote three years to something, simply to toss it aside the moment it becomes hard? We knew this was going to be rough. There has never been any sort of indication otherwise. Before we were official, it was already difficult and we had already been through so much...and since then, we have kept it going through an effort on both of our parts. Yes we're still physically apart, but that will not be forever. And yes, we are both busy...frantically so...but there is still time to find for each other. Not hours in a straight shot, but enough time to satisfy us both.
And there is time together, although it is not constant. That is meant to be fuel, to restrengthen and rebuild.

It's not to late. Try with me, love. I need this.

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