Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remember this post about dreams? I had that dream again, but with so many more details this time. I ran because there were all sorts of bombings. I got scared, and decided I couldn't stay here. So I drove down to South America, then hopped onto a plane.

The only scary thing about all of these, is how realistic they are. How vivid and realistic it seems while I'm dreaming, sure, but also once I wake up and realize that these circumstances could definitely happen. Not necessarily with me fleeing the country, but all the circumstances that lead up to it each time in my dream could definitely occur...and relatively soon.

What puzzles me though, is that I'm always alone. I'm not sure if dream-me doesn't tell anyone she's leaving, or if everyone just tells dream-me that I'm stupid and that they are all staying here. For some reason, I feel as though it is likely the former...

Oh well, since these keep occurring relatively frequently, maybe next time around I'll manage to take a bunch of friends and family members along.

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