Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We waste so much time. Every week, millions of people--probably you included, definitely me--try to rush through their work days and make time go faster, and then try to hold on to each of the moments they have at home in the evening and slow time down. Weekends disappear under the weight of all we schedule, and suddenly it's Monday morning again. Repeat.

This happens each week, and months roll by before we realize what has happened. Then years.

We waste so much of our lives trying to get past the routine parts to the good stuff. The time with friends. The time with family. What should matter, but that we don't prioritize enough.

I hate that money matters so much in this world, and that everyone has to put a job first, rather than the people in their lives. We're each rushing toward old age, trying to make ends meet, and ignoring those around us.

I just wish I could change that, sometimes. It all passes by too quickly, and I know it's going to be completely gone in the blink of an eye.

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